Kathmandu, Nepal,  one of the poorest city’s in one of the poorest country’s in the world.

Luxuries are few, especially those focused on the arena of child's play, gameboys, computers of any kind.

If technological entertainment exists at all it is limited and only the financially able gain access to it. For the others, sons and daughters of the city's taxi drivers, manual labourers and causal workers, they make do and play with whatever they can find and from this comes a sense of the truly limitless possibilities of both the power of the imagination and of the human spirit that at times only childhood can exemplify.

For these children there is no Nintendo for sale, designed and constructed  in a distant land promoting a childhood of face to screen isolated interaction, but an altogether more human form of interaction. A Nepali Nintendo refashioned from the external environment of waste material alongwith the natural inquisitiveness  and non-judgemental nature of children.

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