Kit Notes

Here is a list of production/field & studio/processing equipment which is representative of a full service independent production company. The kit compromises quality from the field luggage to software. Field filming equipment is all professional grade and run on a belt and braces approach, with each unit automatically backing  up to itself both for picture and audio thus ensuring 100%  redundancy should any failure at all arise. 

 Audio gear is industry gold standard from Sound Devices and Sanken & likewise the analogue photography equipment constitutes the most sought after models ever produced from 35mm to 5x4

The production workflow is fully colour managed resolving into a pair of CG calibrated monitors from Eizo for all post processing.

Analogue printing is carried out personally by hand in the traditional darkroom which is one of the most highly equipped private darkrooms in the UK resulting in true artisanal work for the most discerning of clients and requirements

              Medium Format

Rolleiflex 2.8F (Carl Zeiss Planar)

Rolleiflex SL66 

Mamiya 6 MF

Mamiya 50MM F4

Mamiya 75MM F3.5

Mamiya 150mm F4.5

Contax 645 AF

Zeiss 80mm F2.8 Planar

Zeiss 80mm F2.0 Planar

Zeiss 45mm F2.8 Distagon

Zeiss 210mm F4 Sonnar


Sony A7s

Sony FS5 4K

Sony X3000R 4K

Sigma 18-35mm Art

Video Devices PixE5 4K Monitor/Recorder (x2)

Video Devices Pix LR

Sachtler FSB6

Novoflex Mulitmedia Rig

Heliopan Variable ND

Genus Superior follow Focus

Letus Helix 3-Axis Gimbal

PD Movie Remote Follow Focus

Zacuto Gratical Eye EVF

Zacuto FS5 Recoil Rig


Nikon D3s

Nikon D700 (x2) + MBD10 (x2)

Nikon 105 2.8G Micro

Nikon 85mm F1.4G

Nikon 50mm F1.4D

Nikon F3p + Grip

Nikon f3hp + Grip

Nikon FM3a

Nikon 28mm F2.8 Ais

Voitglander 40mm F2

Zeiss 25mm F2.0


Audio Technica Monitor  Headphones

Sanken Cs-3e Shotgun

Sanken Cos-11D Lav XLR (x2)

Sanken Cos-11D Lav Wireless 

Sound Devices 702 Recorder

Sound Devices 302 Field Mixer

Zoom H6 Recorder (x2)

Sony UWP-D11 Radio Mic

Rode NTG3 Shotgun

Rode Blimp V2

Rycote Windjammer (x3)

  Large Format (5x4)

Sinar F2 

Sinar Binoculars

Rodenstock 90mm

Rodenstock 180mm

Rodenstock 210mm


Cambo 650 Wide

Horseman 612 Roll Film Back

Horseman 69 Roll Film Back

Horseman 67 Roll Film Back

Mamiya 6 Panoramic kit 


LED Lenser MT19

Lowel Rifa ex 44

Lowel Blender LED (X2)

Lowel Tota

Lowel Vip Lamppack

Lowel Umbrella

Lowel lightstand (x3)

Lowel Portable Power Pack (x3)

YN 216 LED


Adobe CS6 Production Suite:


Premiere Pro




After effects





Neat video 4

Edit Ready

Da Vinci Resolve 14 Studio

Studio/Post Production

Eizo Colour Edge CG241W Pro Monitor

Eizo Colour Edge CG243W Pro Monitor

Xrite i1 Filmmaker Kit

Wacom Intuos 5 Graphics Tablet

MacBookPro (2017)

LaCie 20TB 5 big Thunderbolt  Raid Array

La Cie Rugged 3.0 Field Drives (x7)

Black Magic Intensity Shuttle

Video Tech VMX 400 Time Base Corrector

Cannon PR0 10s Pixma Printer

Darkroom & Finishing

Nova 24x20 Rapid Wash

Nova 20x16 Academy Archive Print Wash

Nova 12x16 Archive Print Wash

Nova 20x16 Processor

Nova 20x12 Processor

De Vere 504 Ilford Multigrade Head 500H

De Vere 504 Cold Cathog

De Vere 504 Copy Stand (x2)

Leica Focomat V35 Multigrade

Leica Focometer Analyser

LPL 7700MX

RR Beard 4 Blade Easel 20x24

RR Beard 2 Blade Easel 20x16

Jobo CPA2

Jobo CPE2 

DryTac HGP220 Heat Vacumn Press

DryTac HGP260 Heat Vacumn Press

Fuji FRSS10 

KeenCut Artist Plus 48


Pelican 1660

Pelican 1650

Pelican 1510 

Pelican 1550

Pelican 1614

Petrol 1670

Portabrace RM

Portabrace Audio Organiser

Domke Metropolitan

Karrimor SF 

Sound Devices CS-3

Sticks & Bits

Gitzo 4552TS

Sony VCT-14

Manfrotto 055MVF

Ambient QP460

Novoflex Photo Survival Kit

Gossen Starlight Light Meter

Pentax Digital Spot Meter

Lee Big Stopper


AllPowers Portable Inverter Station

Using Format